Open-Sora: AI Video Production for All

This environment is based on the Open-Sora github repository, version 1.2.

To generate videos, open the open-sora.ipynb notebook where you can find an example how to generate a video. You can choose any prompt you'd like.

You can ask an LLM to create more detailed prompts for you to achieve better results.

On a 3090 you can generate videos up to 240p and 4s. Higher values than that use more memory than the card has. Generation takes around 30s for a 2s video and around 60s for a 4s video.



A timelapse of a bustling city street transforming from day to night. Start with morning rush hour, then transition to a quiet afternoon, followed by evening commuters, and finally the neon-lit nightlife. Include diverse pedestrians, vehicles, and changing weather conditions.


A virtual tour through an art museum, focusing on famous paintings coming to life. As the camera pans across each artwork, have elements animate and step out of the frame, interacting with the museum environment before returning to their original painted forms.

girl transformation

Magical girl transformation sequence in a sparkling cosmic backdrop

shonen fight

Epic shonen fight scene with energy blasts and speed lines

Exporting videos

Videos are saved in the out directory.